Three-Part Series to provide

Insight, Support, Resources and Options

With knowledge there is power!

Live… Live… Live!

Because it isn’t enough to simply survive!


Nov 2, 2019 -- Surviving the Chaos

  • Basic Alcoholism Facts

  • The Truth about Recovery and Detox

  • What you can do

  • Holiday Hell

  • How to Save Your Sanity

  • Learn to Laugh

  • Resources -- Where to find help

Jan 2020 -- Alcoholic Family Dynamics

  • Typical Family Member Roles

  • Is Your Child an Addict

  • Resources

Feb 2020 -- Resource Bazaar



Surviving the Chaos Workshop

                 Part One of a Three-Part Series
  • Includes Workbook, Breakfast Pastries, Break Snacks
Surviving the Chaos -- Part One

Who should attend?

  • Family & friends of an alcoholic or addict;
  • Anyone in the situation of taking care of an alcoholic;
  • Counselors, social workers, coaches, doctors and anyone involved in substance abuse recovery;
  • Anyone involved in law enforcement;
  • Hospice workers and home health attendants.

What to Expect:

Outside the box workshop

  •  skits

  • humor

  • relaxation

  • workbook

  • networking

  • special guests