Temporarily Dead

Sara Jane Miller, an accomplished author, hasn’t a clue. She awakes from a coma to find giant gaping holes in her memory. She slowly pieces together the missing parts and not only solves her mystery but also finds she is capable of more than she thinks.

The journey of Sara Jane Miller is about mystery, love, and self-discovery.

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That Reminds Me

A Collection of short stories based on growing up in the 1950s-60s in a small rural farming community in Central California.

Peanut's Walk

Out the door she went into the cool but sunny morning. At the end of the driveway, Peanut turned right and walked right down the middle of her side of the road. Sycamore Avenue was a street that had Sycamore trees planted right down the middle. Cars can, and did, pass over from side to side of the road as they wished. Often it was to avoid the kids doing exactly what Peanut was doing – walking down the middle of one side of the road.

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Huh? ABC's of Understanding Woman

The book every woman wants her man to read. A light-hearted but direct and honest communication to men about what women mean when they say something... anything.


Women dress for the occasion and not for the day. If she says she has nothing to wear she means that everything in her closet that would be appropriate for that occasion has already been worn to a different, but similar, occasion. She doesn’t want to be seen twice by the same people in the same outfit. So… she has nothing to wear.

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Trust No One... says the ghost

Maggie Mason has been assigned a job as the project manager to revitalize a ghost town and turn it into a tourist attraction. She quickly befriends long time resident, Rose, who warns her that bad consequences will come from bad men who are in bad places. A surprising discovery sends Maggie fleeing for her life.