Come on in... sit right down...tell me all about it...

     I provide a unique service to the people collaterally damaged by a loved one’s alcoholism. I listen. I offer suggestions and resources. I relate/ I explain in the language of the everyday person.

     Being involved with an alcoholic is a lot like drowning in a dunk tank at a circus midway. You are sitting there… looking good… then suddenly you’re grasping for air and trying to pull yourself out of the water. I am the life preserver.

      Sessions begin on the telephone – voice to voice – a bit of getting acquainted takes place. Then we talk about what caused the person to contact me. I listen to the issues and, together, we come up with a plan to make life a little better. 

     Coaching with me is a lot like sitting on the front porch, sipping lemonade, and talking things over.

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Offer A: One 60-minute session = $30

Offer B: Two 60-minute sessions = $50 (paid in one payment)

Offer C: Three 60-minute sessions = $80 (paid in one payment)

Offer D: Four 60-minute sessions = $100 (paid in one payment)

All Offers Include: Unlimited e-mail support

All sessions must be completed within 45 days of purchase.

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